Who's Winning the Conquest of the Earth?
Humans fully control 1,887,131 cities. Top mission group is the Greys with 247,038 cities under their influence
GroupCities Controlled
The Humans still have
The Grey mission
The Pleiadian mission
The Vegan mission
The Arcturian mission
The Zeta Reticulan mission
The Draconian mission

The Aldebaran mission
Scoreboard FAQs

What is the "scoreboard?" It shows the total status of the Conquest of the Earth among all the major mission groups. In other words, it shows who's currently winning.

Are all mission groups shown? No. The major mission groups are shown, plus the collective term "Other" or "Rogue" which are all the independent mission groups (the ones we know about, at least).

Why are the MIBs, Aldebarans and Vegans shown? A valid question, since these are not mission groups in the usual sense. Yet they have significant influence in the world, nevertheless. The MIBs are the enforcement arm of the ETsOnly! Earth Council, and have a few permanent installations maintained in various parts of the world; they also take a small hand in affairs in the United States. The Aldebarans are the Bankers and financiers for ETsOnly!, and mainly restrict their influence to Geneva, Switzerland (with small influences in New York City and few other commerce centers). The Vegans are the merchants, peddlers and suppliers for nearly all groups and operatives here on this planet. They have a strong influence in China, which has the best manufacturing infrastructure on the planet right now. The Vegans ship in a lot of merchandise from off-planet, but also use the native manufacturing facilities, when ever possible (and without giving away any advanced techniques).

How can I make changes to this map? Play the Game! "The Game" in this context, of course, is your own efforts along your chosen mission and purpose. You can build up a network of fellows who also follow your mission / purpose, which makes your own efforts more effective. The map is updated fairly often, and will reflect current status of affairs on the Earth.

How do I (or anybody else) win the Conquest? Same as the above question. Play the Game!


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